The Best Stance ON The Kick Serve

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Wondering what the best stance for a pro kick serve is?

Former ATP Top 100 professional and current USTA High Performance Coach and USPTA Elite Professional will show you the perfect kick serve stance.

If you have a pinpoint stance, it can be much harder to hit a kick serve accurately. The platform stance is great for the kick serve because it allows for great shoulder turn.

That shoulder turn is key for a great kick serve with topspin. You will also learn the proper platform stance foot position in this video with the heel of the front foot in line with the toe of the back foot or slid back a little bit.

Also learn how to use a pinpoint stance for the kick serve if you really want to use this stance. However, many people will find it easier to hit kick with the platform stance.

Watch the video now to get this important less on the kick serve.