The Best Stance ON The Kick Serve

Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, reveals the best stance to use for hitting an effective kick serve like the best tennis players in the world. He demonstrates how you can learn the proper stance to generate massive amounts of topspin. This simple tip will help you to improve your first move, trophy position, and toss to get the ball jumping off the court on  your kick serve. 

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What’s the best stance to use on the kick serve? In this tennis training video, you’ll find out how to get into a particular serve stance that will allow you to get the ball jumping off the court by developing a great first move, trophy position, toss, swing path, and finish on your tennis kick serve.

If you have a pinpoint stance where you bring your back foot up, make sure you don’t bring it in front or to the side of your front foot. That’ll limit your ability to turn your shoulders effectively and hit topspin your kick serve. In fact, you’ll end up hitting more slice tennis serves.

Instead, consider getting into a platform stance to easily hit a tennis kick serve. Get the toe of your back foot in line with the heel of your front foot. You’ll push off the ground with both legs as you hit up and over the ball to hit your kick serve like a pro tennis player. Your setup on the tennis serve is crucial, yet often overlooked among tennis players and coaches worldwide.