Fix Your High Forehand

Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, reveals the key secret to handle the high tennis forehand effectively. He provides a detailed demonstration on how you can easily fix this specific type of forehand, so that you can start hitting it with more power and confidence just like the best players on tour.

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What is the secret to handle the high tennis forehand when you’re on the baseline? In this free tennis lesson, you’ll learn the details that are going to give you clarity and confidence to practice your high forehand on the tennis court like a pro tennis player.

If you struggle hitting the high tennis forehand, you aren’t alone as many tennis players have trouble with this shot and aren’t sure what to do. When the ball is lower, in your strike zone, and you’re in the middle of the court, in most situations you’re going to step in on your forehand.

When the ball gets up high, you should load up on your outside leg to jump up and hit the high tennis forehand at shoulder height or above shoulder height. It will take some strength and coordination, but it can be practicing shadow strokes consistently. You can use this same technique and footwork to hit short balls with power and win more free points.

One of the biggest mistakes is that players go up off the front foot when the ball is high. You will lose a lot of power if you do this as opposed to learning how to load up on the outside leg. Get the lowdown with this video on how to fix your high forehand with the proper footwork, it’ll make a huge difference and take your tennis to the next level.