How To Get Balanced On Your Kick Serve

Developing great balance is one of the keys to master the kick serve. Jeff Salzenstein reveals a powerful tip to help you improve in this area, which will allow you to hit better kick serves more consistently like the pros. 

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Would you like to learn a secret tennis tip to hit your kick serve like a pro? In this free tennis lesson, you’ll find out a powerful concept to improve your kick serve faster. Most tennis players aren’t aware of what their bodies do while playing tennis. They are usually concerned about the technical or physical aspects of the game.

One of the most efficient ways to transform your tennis is by increasing your body awareness. This is an overlooked area that can give you better and faster results on the court. Many tennis players and coaches don’t realize that the back leg can be used as a counterbalance to develop great balance, coordination, rhythm , and timing on your tennis serve.

When you’re hitting a kick serve, focus on your balance on the serve and become aware of what your back leg is doing after contact. In this case, you want to kick it to the side like Pat Rafter, Pete Sampras, or Dominic Thiem. The serve toss on your kick serve will go over your head. For a right handed player, it’ll go to the left side ; whereas for a left handed player it’ll go to the right side. Once you make contact with the ball over your opposite shoulder, your body will be tilted.

Finally, consider recording a video of yourself while you practice your kick serve and see what you’re doing with your back leg. You’ll be able to hit better kick serves as you increase your body awareness. Additionally, you’ll gain more power and topspin on your kick serve as your body will work together as one unit.