How To Get Balanced On Your Kick Serve

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Are you aware of what you’re body is doing when you hit kick serves?

Former ATP Top 100 professional and current USTA High Performance Coach and USPTA Elite Professional shows you how to improve your body awareness on the serve.

Developing this awareness will help you get much faster results. When you’re hitting a kick serve you want to have good balance.

Because the toss is going to be over your head, so for a right hander it’s going to the left and for a left hander it’s going to the right.

You’re going to make contact toward the opposite shoulder which you think might throw you off balance.

But, on the kick serve, you have to kick the back leg out as a counter-balance so you don’t lose balance.

So, what you do with the back leg or arm matters, and you’ll learn how to use the back leg as that counter-balance on your kick serve to really improve it.