3 Tips To Master The Slice Serve

In this tennis lesson, Jeff Salzenstein shares three simple tips to master the slice serve. He will explain how your grip, the sound of the ball, and the angle of your racquet at the contact point are three essential components to develop a world class tennis slice serve.

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Are you struggling to hit a great slice serve? In this online tennis video, you’ll learn three simple tips to instantly master the slice serve. You’ll get a detailed breakdown on each serve tip that will allow you to hit a perfect wide slice serve more consistently, and take your tennis serve to the next level. Get a sneak peak of each below.

First, make sure to use a continental grip for your slice serve. Many players mess up their tennis serve grip by shifting into a forehand grip when they toss the ball. Instead, focus on spreading your index finger, getting the heel of the hand off your racquet, and keeping your hand loose to reduce tension throughout the shot.

Second, listen to the sound of the ball hitting the strings and notice the different sounds. This is an awareness drill that you’ll learn to do with continuous practice. Third, create the proper angle upon contact with the slice serve. You want to feel like the racquet is more up and down to carve around the ball effectively.

Finally, the key to implementing these valuable tips successfully is to focus on the process, and work on each serve tip at a time.