Jeff Salzenstein

Transforms Players

Founder of Tennis Evolution, Former Top 100 ATP singles and doubles player, 2 time All American and national champion at Stanford, USTA High Performance Coach, and USPTA elite professional.

And for as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with tennis, and understanding the game on a deeper level.


From Players Who Have Transformed Their Tennis

Jason, Australia

“I can only describe your programs as an oasis of knowledge! Now, people in my club talk about my play being “on fire!” and I am so happy and excited to get a spike in my performance.”

Chloe, Canada

“Jeff is amazing at teaching the fundamentals and he understands the subtleties of the game… I love that he is a student of the game. Jeff is a nice guy, interactive with his students, motivational, and wants us to succeed.”

Sam, Maryland

“Your serve videos are fantastic. You are an AMAZING coach in every way. I’ve rarely seen anyone be able to break down tennis strokes and teach them in a more clear and understandable way than you can.”

Michael, Mexico

“I have to say the program has totally transformed my serve. It has gone from being a real liability to a weapon….I had my doubts about learning over the internet, but with your videos and detailed advice, it is really quite easy…”


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