Simple Kick Serve Drill

Jeff Salzenstein shares a simple tennis drill to learn the kick serve. He breaks it down step-by-step and demonstrates how you can practice this awesome serve drill efficiently on the court. The “half serve” is one of Jeff’s most powerful drills to develop the kick serve, which will allow you to play at a higher level and progress to the next level with your tennis. 

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What if you could learn a simple serve drill that can help you develop huge topspin on your kick serve easier and faster? In this online tennis lesson, you’ll discover how to exactly practice the “half serve” drill to develop the right technique and swing path on your tennis kick serve.

One of the big problems that many tennis players have with their kick serve is having an inefficient service motion. When they start with a full motion, a lot of weird things start to happen and their rhythm simply breaks down. Therefore, it is more efficient to learn a new skill in a simple and progressive manner.

Here’s a sneak peek on how to practice the “half-serve” drill. First, get into a platform stance, the best stance for the kick serve. Then, start with the racket up and have your hand relaxed and close to your head . Next, keep your palm down and racket tip facing towards the net. Finally, place your serve toss slightly above your head and swing up and over the ball.

This serve drill is absolutely key to develop a solid kick tennis serve. It’ll help you to understand how the arm and the body works, hence you can generate massive topspin on your kick serve. Give it a try the next time you’re on the practice court, and transform your kick serve into a weapon in your tennis game.