Disaster Zone: Avoid This Serve Toss

Jeff Salzenstein, former Top 100 ATP Pro, reveals how to fix the high toss on the tennis serve. He shares a great drill to address this common mistake to help you hit the ball at its peak, and serve with more power and spin.

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Would you like to learn the ideal height of the serve toss?

One of the biggest problems that tennis players have on their serve is tossing the ball too high, and then letting it drop too much until contact is made. In fact, this common serve mistake may be hurting your ability to hit powerful, accurate, and consistent tennis serves, as it can completely throw off your rhythm, tempo, and timing.

In this tennis training video, you’ll discover how to instantly fix this problem, improve your tennis serve toss, and whether your serve toss should be high or low. The key for serving more efficiently and effectively, like Pete Sampras and Roger Federer, is getting your serve toss at its peak and letting it drop just a little bit, about a foot, before making contact. This will allow you to create a great amount of topspin and power on your tennis serve.

The continuous swing serve drill is a powerful one to work on to offset tossing the tennis ball too high. Basically, you want to keep your arm moving in a continuous fashion to get your upper and lower body synchronised . To recap, you want to ideally hit the ball just as it’s dropping. This small chance can get you tossing more efficiently, as well as serving better and faster.