Disaster Zone: Avoid This Serve Toss

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Are you having issues with the height of your serve toss? Today we’re going to talk about the height with your serve toss, as one of the biggest problems is that players toss the ball too high.

Former ATP Top 100 pro and USTA High Performance Coach explains how to choose the perfect height for your serve toss.

Some pro players like to hit their serve at the peak of their toss, others hit the ball after it descends a little after the peak, including pro players like Roger Federer and Pete Sampras.

However, a lot of players make their toss way too high and then the ball drops way too much before they make contact.

You want to get the ball to drop just enough, about a foot, so you can hit up on it to create topspin and power. Learn how to do that in this lesson so you can avoid tossing the ball too high or hitting it at the wrong time.

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