Don’t Make This Slice Serve Mistake!

Learn the nuances of the power slice serve from Jeff Salzenstein, and avoid making a common mistake that is keeping you from developing an amazing tennis slice serve. Jeff will demonstrate the exact way to practice effectively this concept on the court, so that you can take action right away. 

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Do you want to learn how to hit a deadly accurate short slice tennis serve? In this online tennis training video, you’ll get a detailed explanation on a unique concept called the “power slice serve” that will help you to avoid making a common mistake that may be crippling your slice serve potential.

Many players try to go with the wide slice serve and take too much pace off their tennis serve; hence, the ball tends to dive directly into the net. Instead, you want to aim deeper in the box and focus on clearing the net when you practice your slice serve.

Once you’ve worked on this progression, you can start to hit your slice serve with a little more power. You’ll focus on the sound on the racquet as you accelerate and create pace on your slice serve. Rather than thinking to hit slice from the very beginning and end up diving the ball into the net ; think flatter, harder and then add slice.

This is just a quick snapshot of the “power slice serve” concept that can dramatically improve your tennis slice serve. Finally, consider learning the five reasons why you need to use the slice serve that can help you to win more tennis singles and doubles matches more often.