Should Your Serve Toss Be High Or Low

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Have you wondered if you should have a higher or lower serve toss? Former ATP Top 100 pro and USTA High Performance Coach explains the benefits of a higher or lower serve toss.

To start, a higher serve toss (but not too high!) will help you develop more topspin. So, if you want to develop that kick serve, you may want to consider a higher serve toss and allow the ball to come down a little.

Learn how to do that in this video with examples. And what about the lower toss, which is common among several pros?

A lower toss will help you develop a nasty slice serve so the ball slides off the court. If you want to develop that slice serve then you may want to choose a lower toss.

Also see examples of the lower toss in this video along with some of the other advantages and disadvantages of the higher and lower toss to consider.

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