Is The Pin Point Serve Step Killing Your Serve

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Is the pinpoint stance possibly killing your serve? If your pinpoint stance is working well for you then great! If not then you need to check this lesson out.

Former ATP Top 100 pro and USTA High Performance Coach explains potential problems with the pinpoint stance.

If you’re having problems with your serve, the pinpoint stance may be causing problems for you and this video will help you correct it.

With the pinpoint stance you are adding an extra variable to the equation, or another potential opportunity to mess up your serve.

In the pinpoint stance you have an extra leg movement; when you slide that back foot up you have the potential to make a mistake with that extra movement.

Players also often lose their shoulder turn over time when they use the pinpoint stance, what I call the “kiss of death” for the serve.

I explain more about that in this video, but essentially it’s significantly harder to turn your shoulders when you are in the pinpoint stance compared to the platform stance.

You may find it easier to turn your shoulders in the platform stance. If that’s the case then the pinpoint stance may not be ideal for you.

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