Is The Pin Point Serve Step Killing Your Serve

In this tennis lesson, Jeff Salzenstein breaks down the disadvantages of using the pinpoint stance on your serve. He explains why using a platform stance instead can help you to improve your first move, rhythm, balance, and technique on the serve.

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What is the best stance to use on your tennis serve?

Many players prefer to use a pinpoint stance to feel better rhythm and momentum on their tennis serve. However, there are various problems that you may encounter with the pinpoint stance. In this free tennis video, you’ll get a detailed pinpoint stance serve breakdown and an explanation on why you should try to use a platform stance instead.

The pinpoint stance adds an extra variable to the equation, or another potential opportunity to mess up your tennis serve. You have an additional leg movement when you slide that back foot up, which increases the chances of making a mistake. Additionally, you lose the ability to have a great shoulder turn during the first move, your rhythm may be thrown off throughout your service motion, and you’ll be facing the net more.

All of these issues aforementioned will hinder your ability to serve up to your best potential. On the other hand, you can get into a platform stance which will help you to simplify your service motion and dramatically improve your tennis serve technique with a better shoulder turn, rhythm, and balance. However, if you still want to use a pinpoint stance consider keeping your back foot behind of your front foot to get a more efficient shoulder turn and disguise on your tennis serve.