2 Forehand Finishes Secrets

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Learn 2 forehand follow throughs (finishes) that will help you take your forehand to an entirely new level from a former ATP Top 100 pro and USTA High Performance Coach.

This tip is sure to help you a lot and clear up several aspects of the forehand for you. So I teach two forehand swings when the ball is in the middle of the court for you.

When you look at the pro game, there’s a lot of pros that finish over the shoulder. So one of the primary things I teach with the forehand is swinging low to high and then finishing over the shoulder.

Learn how to do exactly that in this lesson, including the proper footwork for that low to high forehand that finishes over the shoulder.

Also when you’re on the baseline and you’re playing aggressive tennis, you want to finish more across the body, which is the second forehand finish you should learn.

Catch this lesson now where I show you these two powerful forehand finishes in detail.

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