Kick Serve Head Tip

Jeff Salzenstein shares one secret tip to get massive topspin on your kick serve. He shows one of the most common mistakes made on the kick serve, and demonstrates how you can easily fix it on the practice court. This powerful serve tip will enable you to develop an amazing kick serve and elevate your tennis game to the next level. 

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Do you want to learn how to add massive topspin to your serve or get it to “kick” more?

The tennis serve is one of the most difficult shots to teach and learn in tennis, but you can make substantial improvement when you practice consistently the right tips, drills, and strategies on the court. In this tennis training video, you’ll discover a secret serve tip will allow you to hit a huge amount of topspin on your kick serve.

A common mistake made by tennis players on their kick serve is moving their head to look and see where the ball goes. This causes the body to open up too early and face the net more; therefore, you’ll end up slicing the ball on your serve.

One of the keys to build a great topspin serve is keeping your body more sideways as you make contact with the ball. Hence, you want your upper body to be at a 45 degree angle towards the net post and keep your head still during contact.

If you follow this principle, like Roger Federer does on his tennis forehand, your body will be more sideways and stable to create the right swing path on the kick serve. Consider practicing this little-known serve tip the next time you’re on the court to start hitting a heavy kick serve consistently.