5 Reasons You NEED To Use the Slice Serve

Jeff Salzenstein shares five reasons on why you should use the slice serve more often during competition to play winning tennis. He delivers a detailed explanation on each reason, as he demonstrates the efficient and effective way to practice it on the tennis court. 

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How often do you use your slice serve during a tennis match? In this free tennis lesson, you’ll find out five big reasons why you should use your slice serve more often to play winning tennis. Consider adding these five tennis tactics to your tennis arsenal, and experience how your singles tennis game goes to the next level.

First, the slice serve allows you to open up the court. The best tennis players in the world empoy this simple singles strategy consistently. In fact, you can do it at the start of your service games as a righty on the deuce side, and as a lefty on the ad side. Second, you get to attack your opponent’s weakness on the next shot which is usually the tennis backhand on the run.

Third, you can use your slice serve to build up the point and improve your serve and volley game. Fourth, you can deploy your slice serve to jam your opponent into the body. This is one of the most overlooked tennis strategies at the club level, but one that is highly effective to surprise your opponent when the pressure is on.

Finally, you can serve down the T with slice in the ad court, and hit an inside in or inside out tennis forehand on the next shot. That’s a quick summary of the five main reasons why you should consider using your slice serve more often during competition. Give them a go and let us know how we can continue to help you improve your tennis game.