Stop! Don’t Bend Your Knees On Your Serve

In this tennis lesson, Jeff Salzenstein explains why you shouldn’t bend your knees on the serve. He reveals a powerful drill to fix this common mistake quickly, and help you to improve dramatically your ability to hit awesome tennis serves. The continuous serve drill is arguably one of the best to practice on and off the court to develop that solid and consistent serve.

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What is the one move that can help you to dramatically improve your serve? Many tennis players struggle to develop rhythm on the serve because they have a very deep knee bend or they do it at the wrong time. In this tennis training video, you’ll learn a simple drill that you must focus on to develop rock solid technique on your tennis serve.

First, you want to understand how your upper body is working before you bring the legs into the serve, this is a core principle when you’re trying to learn how to serve. Here’s where the continuous serve drill comes into play. Try keeping your legs locked and focus on turning your shoulders, getting to the right trophy position, keeping your palm down, and perfecting your upper body service motion.

Once you feel comfortable and confident about it, you can start jumping and adding your legs into the serve. To summarise, you want to build the habit of learning how to serve without using your legs. Practicing the continuous serve drill consistently will help you to develop a proper service motion and continue to advance with it.