Best Slice Serve Toss Tip

Jeff Salzenstein reveals a powerful tip in regards to the toss to dramatically improve your tennis slice serve .He explains why you should consider tossing the ball more to the side to hit an effective slice serve, and how you can practice it on the court to throw your opponents’ off the court during matches.

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Should you have one toss on all your serves, more specifically when you’re hitting a slice serve? Many players struggle being able to hit all the different types of serves from the same toss, unless you’re Roger Federer or a top pro tennis player. In this free tennis lesson, you’ll learn a powerful serve toss tip that can help you to dramatically improve your tennis slice serve.

If you want to hit a great tennis slice serve, consider tossing the ball a little bit more to the side. You may be wondering that if you change your serve toss to hit a slice, flat, or kick serve, you’re going to give away all your disguise. That might be right, but if you execute your game to the best of your ability, you’re gonna come out on top and have more fun on the court.

You can use this serve toss to go out wide, down the T, and into the body. You can mix them up throughout a match, and this strategy will surely frustrate your opponent. Being concerned about disguising your serve with the same toss will limit your ability to hit more effective tennis serves. Instead, focus on the process and practice this serve toss tip that will also help you to stop hitting your slice serve into the net.