Best Slice Serve Toss Tip

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Have you heard that it’s best to learn how to hit all the different types of serves using the same toss?

Although this may be true for elite professionals like Roger Federer, for many people, using the same toss for all their serves isn’t always the best approach.

Learn more about how to switch up your serve toss depending on the type of serve you’re hitting from former ATP Top 100 pro and USTA High Performance Coach.

You won’t lose much giving up your “disguise” because you’re going to improve on execution by changing your serve toss up.

If you get caught up in the “disguise” element but neglect execution, you very likely will mess up on the serve.

For example, if you want more slice on your serve, toss it a little more to the side. Learn how to do this and other key serve toss strategies in this video lesson.