How To Handle Low Forehand

Jeff Salzenstein reveals a unique tennis tip to help you improve your low forehand faster.  He demonstrates the carioca footwork pattern to handle low and wide balls more efficiently and effortlessly. He also explains the right way to practice the low forehand on the tennis court, so that you can take your tennis game to the next level.

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Do you struggle to deal with the low balls coming to your tennis forehand?

Learn a unique tennis concept to efficiently handle the low tennis forehand, whether the ball is in the middle of the court or out wide. In this free tennis lesson, you’ll get the complete breakdown of this particular footwork pattern to effectively execute this tricky tennis stroke.

There’s a good chance that you may be lunging for the ball when it’s down low in the middle of the court. Perhaps, you’re also getting wide balls that are low and you’re simply falling off balance. This may be causing you to hit the ball directly to the net; thereby, leading to frustration and disappointment on the court.

This is how you can easily fix this issue. When the ball comes low in the middle of the court, Jeff suggests using the carioca footwork pattern. You’ll hit off your front foot and keep your knees bent through the shot. When the ball is out wide, Jeff recommends hitting it off your outside leg and keep moving after contact.

Lastly, you’ll need to develop dynamic balance to flow through those low balls. If you practice this powerful tennis tip regularly, you’ll stop being late on your tennis forehand, play better tennis, and simply accelerate your online tennis learning journey.