How To Handle Low Forehand

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Imagine being able to easily handle the dreaded low forehand. Former ATP Top 100 pro and USTA High Performance Coach breaks down the low forehand for you in detail.

Improve your low forehand with this video without a partner on the other side of the net.

You may be lunging for the ball when it is down low in the middle of the court, or perhaps you are getting wide balls that are low and you’re reaching resulting in you falling off balance.

This video will show you how to efficiently move to the ball and swing correctly.
You’re going to learn how to hit the ball when it comes low, including hitting it off your front foot with your knees bent (this is one exception when you are going to bend your knees).

Learn dynamic balance so that when you hit the ball you won’t lose your balance with what I call the carioca footwork pattern.

Check it out in the video now so you never get caught off guard by those tricky low forehands again. Don’t forget to like the video and leave your comments below or suggestions for other lessons.

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