How To Add More Power On Your Serve

Learning how to generate more power on your serve will help you to take your tennis game to the next level. In this tennis lesson, Jeff Salzenstein discusses the main areas to develop effortless power on the serve. He demonstrates how to use the lower body properly, get the correct continental grip, make a solid first move, get into the right trophy position, and perform an efficient racquet drop.

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What would it take to get more power on your tennis serve?

Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, reveals five essential steps to develop more effortless power on your serve. He breaks down each serve component in great detail to help you implement these powerful concepts on the practice right away.

There’s a common misconception among tennis coaches and players that power comes mainly from the legs. Jeff has a different approach when it comes to teach how to generate easy power on the serve. He recommends you to focus on the upper body first before worrying about the lower body, especially the knee bend.

Jeff demonstrates how to get the proper tennis serve grip, which is the foundation for building rock solid technique on your serve. Then, he shows you how to make an efficient first move on your tennis serve like Roger Federer or Pete Sampras.

Next, he outlines the keys to get into the right trophy pose. Afterwards, Jeff presents a simple drill to instantly fix your racquet drop on the tennis serve. Finally, he summarizes the key points discussed during this free tennis lesson and gives a bonus tip on tennis serve pronation.