How To Bend Your Knees On Forehand

Jeff Salzenstein demonstrates how you should exactly bend your knees on the tennis forehand in order to generate maximum power and topspin on this stroke. He breaks down this forehand stance in great detail, and shares the ideal type of ball to use this great technique. 

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Discover a unique way to keep your knees bent the right amount and properly step into your tennis forehand to generate maximum power and accuracy. Many tennis players have the tendency to excessively bend their knees while hitting the tennis forehand.

When the ball comes in the middle of the court and it’s in your strike zone, you can bend your knees slightly. For instance, you can hit a lot of forehands and backhands in an upright position during your warm up before a match or practice.

Once you start to compete, you’ll get into a low and wide base that will allow you to bend your knees a little bit more. To sum up, stop bending your knees excessively on your forehand and focus on keeping an athletic base as you step in to hit the ball in the middle of the court.