How To Bend Your Knees On Forehand

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Learn a specific way to keep your knees bent the right amount and properly step into your forehand for maximum power and accuracy.

Former ATP Top 100 pro and current USTA High Performance Coach shows you how to hit amazing forehands and bend your knees the right way, on the right type of ball.

When you’re warming up you can hit a lot of forehands in an upright position. When you start playing for points, it’s hard to maintain that position, you have to bend a little more in an athletic position, but you still should not be dipping down into an excessive knee bend.

You want to avoid dipping down and lifting up on the forehand with an excessive knee bend.

When the ball comes in the middle of the court and it’s in your strike zone you can bend your knees slightly, but the key is not to excessively bend and excessively lift up so that your head stays at the same level.

Watch the video now where I show you how to properly bend your knees on the forehand and avoid that excessive knee bend.

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