Mix It Up On The Returns

Today’s winning tennis strategy is all about the service return and how you can mix it up to throw off your opponent. To neutralize a good serve, giving your opponent a different look from time to time can make a big difference.

Returning Serve Effectively

There are many different winning tennis strategies on how to return serve effectively in tennis.  Today, I want to go over how you can mix it up by blocking or chipping your returns so that your opponent has to deal with a low ball that is slicing instead of  ball that has topspin and bounces higher.

Many players try and rip returns every point throughout a match. There are times, however, when it’s good to mix it up on your opponent with your serve returns especially on big points.

This winning tennis strategy helps a lot of players because it keeps your opponents off balance; they won’t know what is coming next after they hit their serve. To mix things up, go ahead and  block the ball back with a short swing that creates a little underspin.

Your opponent will be surprised if he/she is ready for the topspin drive service return instead. Next time you are out on the court, try this winning tennis strategy with your returns and mix it up by using the block return!



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  1. Jim

    His chip return is too high. Anyone who can generate his own pace will squash it for a winner. He needs to chip differently, the way the awesome Aussies of the 60’s did it.


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