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Tennis Tip: Don’t Block The Ball Back On The High Volley

I want to give you a tennis tip on the high volley. Many players ask how they can get to the next level, and one of the key things I look at is how a player handles the high volley.

Many players use a simple tennis tip, and that is to use a high volley and poke the ball in the opposite direction of their opponent. Sometimes when you block the ball back to the open court with a regular volley, you’re not able to put the ball away. To hit more winners on high volley, use the swinging volley. This will allow you to hit the high short ball more aggressively at your opponent compared to using the traditional technique on the high volley.


Tennis Tip: Close The Net And Hit A Swinging Volley

When you hit a great groundstroke and see that your opponent is stretched out and must hit a floating slice back, move forward toward the net and look for the ball to come back high. You can rip a swinging volley away from your opponent instead of a high volley.

Use this tennis tip on the volley and you can go to the next level with your game.

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