Get The Finish Correct

Let’s go over an advanced tennis tip on how you can  move laterally on your forehand.

Many players especially those just starting out are given the wrong information about how to move laterally to across the court. Unfortunately, this bad advice sets players back as long as they play until they get the correct tips to help them with their movement.

Players like yourself may think taking several little steps is the best way to move more that wide ball especially on the forehand. But the truth is, this is not a natal way to move.

These short, choppy steps will actually throw your rhythm off and as balls start coming faster to you, you will either feel rushed trying to get to the ball or not even be able to reach it.


Get The Technique Down

A more advanced tennis tip (but highly efficient) is to take the minimum steps necessary to get to the wide ball.  When you come out of the split step, make a strong crossover step out the wide ball. If you make that large strode with your crossover, you might only have to take one more step to load behind the ball before making contact using an open stance.

Sometimes you will have to take a few more steps than what I just suggested but ideally, the less steps the better.

Next time you are out on the court and want to try a more advanced tennis tip, see if you can take less steps to get out to the forehand.

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  1. Bo

    Thanks for the tip. Although when I have time, I’ve been trying to break myself of that second wide step habit by adding a small step to get more balanced, as stretched out in a wide stance makes it tough for me to adjust for wind, spin, etc.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hopefully this tip will help, Bo!.

  2. Raj

    This is great ploy.
    How do you move diagonally for a short ball/drop shot and finish? because, the ball does not come on to the racquet now.
    If drop is in the middle how do you move to the ball ?

  3. Frank

    What’s with the constant dancing? This doesn’t look to me like something that will work in the 60-and-over age groups.

  4. Noushin

    Many thanks for sharing your invaluable experience and knowledge!

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