Tension Causes Poor Racquet Drop

In this video, you’re going to see how I break down the tennis serve of recreational player that wants help on his serve. The key concept that you will see clearly in this tennis serve analysis is that this player doesn’t have a good racquet drop position.  And a good reason it’s not where he wants it to be is because there is too much tension in the swing. Why is it important to have a solid racquet drop?  It allows a player to hit the tennis serve with more power using less effort. In order to improve the racquet drop position, one key is to make sure the hand is relaxed.  Too often, players muscle the serve and it starts by gripping the racquet too tightly. Changing this one thing can make all the difference in fixing a less than adequate racquet drop position on the tennis serve.

Perform Relaxation Serve Drills

Also, another way to improve the racquet drop is to perform specific relaxation serve drills to get the feel of the motion.  Start by relaxing the hand as mentioned before and then lower the hand so that one or two fingers is hanging off the racquet.  This will give you a better feel for how relaxed the hand has to be. Once you lower the hand on the racquet you can perform continuous swings WITHOUT hitting the ball.  Feel how the racquet will drop behind your body when you do this.  Take this same feeling into your normal service motion.  Be aware that you might start gripping the racquet too tight. Without a doubt having proper relaxation on the tennis serve and it often start with how relaxed the hand is and making sure you reinforce the new feeling with the right drills. Click here to discover another powerful tennis serve lesson.

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  1. Tom V

    Hi Jeff, When the racket fully drops, should the racket’s face be parallel to the side of the body as I noticed that with many top pros. Coach Doug King also said that in one of his videos training. However your picture shows that your racket’s edge points the the side of your body. This also happens to me. When I swing shadowing without ball, my racket’s face is parallel to the side of my body, but I start hitting with the ball, my racket’s edge points to the side of my body. There must be something to do with the shoulder or elbow rotation when hitting up. I have tried many different ways for years and still haven’t been able to fix it. Appreciate your opinion.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Tom, Have you seen my hidden serve mistake video?

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