Recover Fast After The Serve

One of the best tennis serve tips you can use is to recover properly after you hit the ball.

There are a lot of tennis serve tips out there on how to hit the serve, but how many players and coaches talk about how to recover after you hit your serve. I see so many players hit solid serves and never recover properly.

I’m sure you know the ending to this story.


Getting Back Quickly After The Serve

You are out of position and more often than not, you’ll lose the point after such a great serve.

Of all the serve tips out there, getting back as fast as possible after the serve is so important and often overlooked. Once you get back quickly after the serve and split step at the appropriate time, you’ll be able to either get on your front foot or perform a switch pattern.

Remember to learn to move properly and recover after you serve.

This will help you always get ready for that first shot after the serve.

Click here to see how to hit a kick serve with a better toss.


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