Hitting Up On The Serve

Here’s a great tennis serve lesson  concept that will make a huge difference with if you are in the habit of swinging forward.

If you watch pro tennis players hit serves, they swing up at the ball, but there is a good chance you might be swinging forward too much causing you to “push” at the ball instead. One big problem is that you might be using a forehand grip on the serve which does not allow for you to apply an upward swing path.

So make sure to hold a continental grip in order to hit up on the ball.


Get On Your Knees Serve Drill

Once you have the correct grip following this tennis serve lesson, the next thing to focus on is staying sideways when you make contact.

One way to practice staying sideways is to  apply one of my tennis serve lessons where you get on your knees which forces you to hit up on the ball and get in the correct position when making contact on your serve.

Working on hitting up on your tennis serve will allow you to gain more consistency and confidence on your serve. You will develop a topspin serve which is the most advanced and dependable serve in tennis.

If you are having trouble hitting up on the ball, trying getting on your knees and popping that ball up in the air.

Click here to see another  tennis serve lesson to help you with your serve recovery.



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  1. Justin

    Thanks again for the share. Best wishes.

  2. Anonymous

    Is the difference between the flat serve and kick serve is where the toss goes if I’m always hitting up on the ball?

  3. sam abdou

    Dear Jeff, I have tried your up swing tip on a very windy & cold night and it worked big time for the kick serve with your dirty diaper finish. I have trained with prior Canada number 1 player and your tips add so much more. Now if I can only master the Federer straight arm forehand consistently. This week we start the indoor courts. I have watched you on TV before. Thanks and Shalom.

  4. Wanessa

    Hi Jeff,
    I have a big problem on my serve and can´t find solution. The angle between my arm and my head on trophy position is too tight, due to my high elbow. It looks like a looping or like if I was taking a sword from my back. I almost touch my ear with my biceps when trying to contact the ball. Can you understand what I’m saying? It’s hard to explain. I was wondering if you can make a video about how to correct that, once I have seen many rec players doing that. And believe me, it hurts the shoulder!
    Best regards,

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      HI Wanessa, Yes, many problems have this issue. We have an entire program, called Tennis Serve Secrets that can help you.

  5. ab88

    muscular memory does not exist.CNS can remember. but video is great.

  6. Michael

    Hey Jeff!!

    Another great video!!

    The concept of “Hitting up on the ball” applies for all kind of serves(flat, slice, kick), right??

    I am working with the TSS and i think this video is so important that it should be in the TSS.

    Thanks a lot for your coaching!!


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