Tennis Serve Lesson – Avoid The Big Step,


“Little things make big things happen.” — John Wooden

As the old saying goes, big things come from small beginnings. It’s not always advisable to push achievements by taking bigger steps. The same goes with your serve! The one thing that can happens when you take a big step after the serve is that you lose your balance. When that happens, you won’t be as prepared for the next shot coming your way.

So, what can you do to avoid this. First, become aware of whether you take big step after you serve And if you do, focus on taking a smaller step after your land.

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  1. Noushin

    Many thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. fsilber

    I got the impression from John Newcombe that goal of the serve’s follow-through is to get you as deep into the court for your first volley as you can.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Not if you lose your balance doing it.


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