Jumping At The Right Time

Today we have a tennis serve video analysis about jumping and exploding up the ball with your legs. Timing when you hit the ball is key, but countless recreational players jump and make contact at the wrong time on the tennis serve.

In this video lesson, you’ll see a young player explode up the ball but make contact at the wrong time.

You can see that he’s actually going down toward the ground after his jump while making contact with the ball. In fact, he’s touching the ground again when he hits the tennis serve.

This player is losing out on hitting the ball at the maximum height, and he can’t get his whole body into the serve if he has lost the energy of his legs as he hits the ball.

The key is to make contact with the serve at the highest point of the jump. In other words, when this player is the maximum distance off the ground. In this video, the player has not even gotten to the racquet drop position when the legs go straight before leaving the ground.


Make Contact As You Jump Up 

So how do you get yourself to swing at the ball at the time when you’re at the maximum height of your jump on the tennis serve?

Start by serving into the side or back fence to take the pressure of yourself. You don’t want to feel like you are changing your timing and trying to to get the serve in at the same time. You can now focus on the timing of the jump with the tennis serve as the main focus.

Now to break the habit of hitting the ball while you are going down, you need to focus on swinging at the ball as you’re jumping up, not going down.. You must over exaggerate this feeling if you know that you have the habit of hitting the tennis serve on the way down.

You want to feel like you are hitting the tennis serve on the way up. You’ll feel difference and serve much better.

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