Get On Your Front Foot

Many players ask me about the overhead and how to make more of them. I get a lot of questions about the technique, but today we’re going to work on the footwork of the overhead.

Unfortunately, I see a lot of players jumping backwards when they hit their overheads. Now there is a footwork pattern when you get a really deep overhead, but we are not going over that today.

What I want to show you how to get on your front foot when the ball is in front of you. I see too many players jumping backwards and off balance because they are not trying to get on their front foot as they hit an overhead.


Have Better Posture

Getting on your front foot with your overhead will help you have better posture with your body as you make contact and when you finish the shot. You can even try the lift and land footwork pattern (hopping off the front foot) as you hit the overhead as well.

Next time you are out on the court, try and get on your front foot as you hit your tennis overhead when the ball is in front of you


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