The inside out forehand is a great shot to learn how to hit. You’ll see players like Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic run around their backhands and hit an inside out forehands to take control of the point.

Today’s tennis lesson will cover the most popular stance you can use on this particular shot.

Many coaches will just instruct you to move around the ball on this shot, but they won’t tell you HOW to run around your backhand and set up properly.

One of the big keys on the inside out forehand is to avoid turning sideways as you move around the ball and to stay more open. You want to have your hips face the net more as you shuffle around the ball.

You’ll often find yourself hitting this shot from a semi open stance on this shot when you move correctly around your backhand.

Next time you move around your backhand to crush an inside out forehand, keep your hips facing the net more and load up into a semi open stance.



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  1. Olda Simek

    looks like a wrong video on this topic …

  2. Trevor

    Jeff, your video is about bent arm, not footwork!
    I noticed that you didn’t include the winners of the women’s doubles in the email. Is that because you felt, like I did, that the quality of doubles play was appalling? The Chinese/Taiwanese pair played like novices, both on the baseline when serving etc. They took home the same prize money as the Bryan Bros!

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hi Trevor, the video is fixed!

      And Congrats to Hseih and Peng for winning the women’s doubles at Wimbledon

  3. fsilber

    Good video, but I don’t think it’s the one you intended to post.

  4. Hamish


    Video links to the straight arm / bent arm forehand session!

  5. steve in CT

    Jeff–your younger students like Max seem to have a full Western grip. Us older players don’t play with that grip, and I’ve hit with some high school players whose Western grip produces hard to handle topspin and sidespin on the ball. Comments?

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      HI Steve, MAx’s grip is an extreme semi western, more like Djokovic…not a full western.

      If I had my choice it would be a milder grip, more like a a traditional semi western.

      The semi western grips do produce a lot of topspin and power.

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