Handle The Wide Backhand With This Footwork Move

In today’s tennis lesson on the backhand, we’re going to cover how to move out for the wide ball. Novak Djokovic uses this first move on his backhand and if you can add this to your game it’s going to help you movement out a ton.

With this particular tennis lesson on the backhand, I’m going to show you how to come out of your split step and make a strong crossover move. You don’t want to make a false step with your outside foot because that will throw you off balance.

Instead, focus making a pivot move with your outside foot before making that strong crossover move.

Split Step, Pivot, And Crossover

Follow this tennis lesson on the backhand instead where you split step, pivot the outside leg, make a strong crossover move and then load your outside leg before stepping in to hit the backhand.

You want to cover as much ground as possible with this strong first move. This powerful first step will allow you to get out efficiently for the wide ball.

Don’t follow what traditional coaches will tell you and that is to take several little steps to get out to the ball.



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