The step shuffle hit footwork pattern on the forehand is a cool tennis tip that is going to help your balance, rhythm, timing, and even your forehandpower! Now this tip depends on how well your rhythm is on your footwork.

How do you do this? Come out of your split and take a step, a shuffle, and then hit the ball. Easy to remember, isn’t it? Check out this video for a more detailed breakdown, as well as a demonstration, and start hitting and crushing it on the court!

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  1. Noushin

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!

    • Nick Muresan

      Dear Jeff thanks for this lesson.We are speaking the same tennis language. Most of my students have the forehand problem , because they are waiting for the ball , to come to them.
      Thanks for teaching the world, the modern tennis
      Nicolas Muresan

      • Jeff Salzenstein

        happy to help, Nick!

  2. Ciro

    Very good video 👍
    Thank you very much

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Thank you! You re very welcome.

      • stephen davide

        great stuff man

        • Jeff Salzenstein

          Thank you!


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