Activate Your Glutes

The glute bridge is a great exercise for tennis players to incorporate into their tennis fitness training. It’s an exercise that can open up your hips, which tennis players desperately need.

You can also improve your posture by keeping your shoulders down and wide when you perform this exercise. To perform the glute bridge, lay on your back with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle. Your feet will be flat on the floor. Place a yoga block between your legs and squeeze so that you activate your adductors.

With this tennis fitness exercise push your hips up towards the sky using your glute muscles to initiate the movement. Continue to squeeze with your glutes as you hold yourself up. Do not compensate by using your lower back.

If you feel your low back tense up or get tired bring your butt down to the ground again and rest. With this tennis fitness exercise you want the activation to come from the glutes.


Create For Strength And Power

Hold this position for 30 seconds as long as you can keep good form and feel the squeeze in your glutes.

The glute bridge will create more strength and power in your legs and help you prevent injuries. You can also open up your hips and shoulders as an added bonus.

Fix your tennis fitness by adding the glute bridge exercise to your training.

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  1. Paul Bress

    Hi Jeff,

    50 year old youngster here. I have discovered power yoga. It has made my body feel 20 years younger. Highly recommend you seek out a trained professional and have them wprk with you. In a very short while you will find yourself strong for tennis. Once you umderstand the fundamentals of yoga you can practice on your own as well. Again, its POWER yoga. Good luck!

  2. Matt M

    Hi Jeff,
    Thank you so much for this exercise tip! I’ve done a similar exercise as part of regular back exercises but I have found that adding the yoga block as you suggest makes the exercise so much more effective. It has really made a difference in how I feel.
    Best Regards,


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