Perform The Bulgarian Split Squat

Have you ever wondered how the top pros get so strong and athletic?

Playing a lot of tennis will naturally build a certain level of strength, but having a solid off court program, especially focusing on improving single leg strength, can separate you from your competition.

There’s a specific tennis fitness exercise that I used often to build strength in my legs while I played on the ATP career.

This tennis fitness exercise is called the bulgarian split squat. Find an elevated surface like a bench on a tennis court or in the gym and place one of your feet on it while getting into a lunge position.

With the bulgarian split squat, you’ll place your other leg out in front of you so that you’re ready to squat down from that lunge position.

From this position push thru the mid foot of the leg that is on the ground. Keep your upper body upright and your hands by your side.


Have A Good Alignment And Form

Squat down so that your front leg bends, keeping the front knee over the first and second toe. It’s important to have good alignment and form when you perform this tennis fitness exercise.

Come back up to the original position and repeat for the desired number of reps.

Your single leg strength will go through the roof when you perform this tennis fitness exercise consistently.

So if you want to develop rock solid legs for tennis so that you can play your best, make the bulgarian split squat a tennis fitness exercise that you perform often.

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