One of the best ways to get your opponents on the move is to hit a shot that they least expect. In this video lesson, we’re going to show you how you can use surprise counterattack called “2-1 groundstroke pattern,” 

So, how does this work?

It’s simple: for the first two balls, you’ll go crosscourt with your forehand or backhand. Then, on the third ball, swing confidently and take the ball down the line.  Hitting crosscourt first helps you create consistency and rhythm in the point, but on the third shot, you can throw your opponent off guard by going down the line. Make sure that you’re balanced with your body and in the point before  you change direction. This strategy requires PATIENCE, as timing is a very important factor in perfect this pattern.

Check out this video for a more in-depth breakdown and analysis of this groundstroke, 

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