The Starting Position

The Roger Federer serve is a thing of beauty and this shot is one of the best tennis serves in the history of tennis.

One of the greatest things about the Roger Federer serve is that he is become completely relaxed before he starts his motion.

The Roger Federer serve begins with a very defined stance with all the weight starting on the front foot while the his arms hang. He’s very relaxed in this beginning position.

I believe that when Roger Federer becomes completely relaxed before he hits his serve, it not only helps him create a smooth motion, but also calms his mind and body before the serve.

I see countless rec players walk up to the line without any routine or ritual and hit the serve. Every time Roger Federer hits a serve, he gets into the same stance with all his weight on the front foot with his arms hanging.

Create A Starting Routine

After Roger Federer’s beginning stance, he will then transfer the weight to the back foot to initiate his serve.

If you want to model the Roger Federer serve, I suggest you create a ritual or routine before every serve that gets you feeling completely relaxed. You can try getting all your weight onto the front foot with your arms relaxed. Or you can model Pete Sampras start with all your weight on your back foot with the arms relaxed.

I guarantee the consistency, power and accuracy will go through the roof if you can become completely relaxed before you initiate your serve.

Click here to apply another powerful serve drill where you can model the Roger Federer serve.

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  1. tom

    I start with my left foot (I am right handed) pointed toward the net post. However, it was pointed out to me that as I go up to toss my left foot rotates from the net post backward toward side fence. How do I keep my foot forward?

  2. TennisPro

    I am agree with you that Roger Federer services is one of the best tennis serves in the history of tennis, and any one who want to learn how to play tennis must watch his matches. Thanks for sharing video too.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      You are very welcome, TennisPro. Roger is a greta model to emulate.

  3. meg peavy

    Yes, I insist my players/students use Roger a s model in MOST shot-making processes… He is beautifully “connected” and powerful in a symmetrically balanced way.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Roger is a great model, Meg. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Maryka

    I have much trouble with the ball toss/lift part of the serve. Once I added a starting routine, which includes relaxing my shoulders and strongly concentrating on the toss, my toss is much improved. Still a challenge, but no longer a source of error.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      That is so good to hear, Maryka. I look forward to hearing more positive results:)

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