1 Hand Backhand

Today we’re going to talk about the return of serve in, specifically how to attack with the 1 hand backhand.

If you have 1 hand backhand, you probably aren’t using it as a weapon on the return of serve and that will limit your ability to hurt your opponents serve. You might resort to only chipping the return over and over again instead of really attacking it.

Even Roger Federer could attack on the return of serve with his 1 hand backhand some more. You and Federer should consider driving the 1 hand backhand off of a 2nd serve especially from the deuce court.


Come To The Net After A Solid Drive

Drive the 1 hand backhand and take the ball inside in which is the shortest distance to one side of the court giving your opponent less time to react.Doing this will keep your opponent off guard and keep you in an aggressive mindset. Coming to the net after a solid drive is a smart play as well.This type of return pressure can change the complexion of a match so be willing to take the chance and rip that return of serve and come in.

When you drive the return of serve, make sure you hold your finish until the ball crosses the net. This is a very key component when attacking the return of serve. Also, try to get on the front foot before you make contact unless the ball is moving away from you. This will help you get more power behind the ball.

Remember, to use more variety on your 1 hand backhand and attack with your return of serve by driving the ball and moving forward.



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  1. RodgerS

    Thanks for the tip. Will start working on this right away.

  2. Ry

    Would you use the same tactic on the ad side as well?

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Not as much because on the ad side your backhand (righty) will be on the outside so you might be moving off the court instead of toward the middle of the court.

  3. David

    Any return of serve used continuously is a mistake. A hard drive backhand off a second serve only provides easy access to the servers wheelhouse for a cross court or down the line, or even a lob. In my mind it would be better to make the server stretch out to get to the ball, but that could be an alternate return if the server starts getting used to the same backhand hard drive. Mix it up and keep him guessing but please stop hitting the ball right back to your opponent expecting he´ll miss. That is exactly where he wants it. Don´t have to run or stretch just stand there and wait for the ball to come to him. Not.

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