Improve Your Balance

I’ve got a powerful return of serve lesson for you today that’s going to help you with your balance. The reality is that most players are off balance when they return serve and don’t know how to use their feet and body properly.

The return of serve lesson that I want to show you will immediately improve your balance on the return of serve.

Here’s what I want you to do. When the ball comes to you, on many returns I want you to load up the back leg before shifting the weight to the front foot while making contact.

You will see many top touring pros do this easily and naturally.


Wait Longer On The Outside Leg

When you and the pros wait longer on the outside leg before hitting the ball, you will feel more natural power once you make contact.

You want to avoid getting on the front foot too early before you actually make contact with the ball.

So many recreational players think they need to step in on the return of serve. Sure, you can step in if the ball is coming super slow and you have a lot of time, but in most cases serves will come faster and it’s important to have the right timing so that you transfer the weight from the back foot to front foot. This is a return of serve lesson every player should know.

The problem with stepping in sometimes is that it you commit your weight too early, you can get off balance on the return.

So the next time you get on the court, follow this return of serve lesson by loading your outside leg before transferring your weight to the front foot as you hit the ball.

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  1. Marcin

    Yes, It is true that we should keep the weight loaded on the outside leg but many players make a mistake by loading outside leg and shifting upper body back (and they lose the balance). Loading is important but upper body has to lean slightly forward to maintain proper position of the body

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