Get The Racquet Hand Closer To The Head

How would you like a simple overhead lesson to help you quickly?

The overhead is a shot that many players struggle with, and often times, it’s related to how you prepare to hit the ball.

The problem is that many players get the hand and racquet into the wrong position before the ball comes to them.

Many players get into the overhead “trophy position” by having the hand too far away from the head. The hand and arm are actually disconnected from the body causing more tension and reducing power and accuracy.

And that’s where this overhead lesson comes into play.

Most players need to get their racquet hand closer to the head when preparing to hit the overhead.


Effortless Power And Control To Win At The Net

Case in point…I was at the 2014 Wimbledon this year and was watching some of the players warming up. Max Mirnyi, a former top 50 ATP singles player and multiple Slam winner was preparing for his mixed doubles final, and I noticed how solid his technique was on his overhead.

Every time he got ready to hit the ball, I noticed that his racquet hand was close to his head. His arm was relaxed and ready to fire at the ball.

Contrast that with many rec players who have a stiff racquet arm with the dominant hand too far away from the head in the preparation phase.

Follow this overhead lesson to get more effortless power and control (and to reduce the chance of injury).

Relaxation is the name of the game in order to it better overheads and this concept will help you feel that.

Go ahead and focus on this overhead lesson to win more points at the net.

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