Get That Toss Right

The kick serve is a serve that most players should consider learning. Many players want to know exactly how to hit a tennis kick serve.

There are many different drills and concepts to practice to develop  the all important tennis kick serve. When you are learning the kick getting the toss in the right place is huge. I really can’t emphasize the importance of the toss when developing this serve.

If you toss your ball in front of you and to the right (as a right hander), it will be impossible to hit a kick serve.


Toss Arc Over Their Heads

If you study any of the great servers like Roger Federer and Pete Sampras, you’ll see the toss arc over their heads. You want to model these great kick servers by getting the ball to arc over and behind your head. You’ll make contact with the ball when it’s above your head.

Next time you’re out on the court, try and get your toss to arc over your head for your kick serve.

Click here to see how to serve like a tennis pro with your topspin serve.


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  1. Alex F.

    From a practical standpoint this really explains the motion exactly. I tried for years to hit a kick serve and nothing improved; then i learned to control my toss to the left of my head b/c I’m right handed, and the ball now kicked to the right on landing. The key I’ve found is to hit the ball always in front -not behind your head- or else the ball goes long or into the net. Good video on explaining this to people Jeff.

  2. dillon lavender

    I’ve been hitting kick serves for a out 2 months now and this is the same thing my coach told me. I started hitting a kick serve one dat out of the blue and angle was. Blown away, but he also showed me how to hit it so that way it hangs up In the air so you have time to get to the net but this video helped me with some minor improvements which if you really play tennis you know the minor ones are the most important

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