How To Get Power On The 2 Handed Backhand


Let’s take a look at how to get power on the 2 handed backhand.

I know that a lot of players who have strong forehands, sometimes struggle to get the same pop and penetration on their two handed backhands. However, if you apply the right techniques, you can learn how to get effortless power on your backhand.

The areas you should focus on are your finish, your grip pressure and your swing tempo. So, let’s take a closer look at each of them.



How To Hit A Powerful 2 Handed Backhand With The Lansdorp Finish

How To Hit A Powerful 2 Handed Backhand With The Lansdorp Finish

One option you have on the two handed backhand to produce great power is to use the Lansdorp Finish.

This finish, popularized by world class coach Robert Lansdorp, involves finishing with your racquet in front of your body, without wrapping over the shoulder. This helps you maximize your extension and get every ounce of power you can.

If you use this finish with a shorter swing and really pop the ball, you will find that you have much more power.



Relax Your 2 Handed Backhand Grip

Relax Your 2 Handed Backhand Grip

When you want to know how to get power on the 2 handed backhand, it’s vital to remember to relax your hands. Doing so will allow you to generate much more power.

If you are muscling the ball and death-gripping your racquet, you will never produce the easy power the pros do. Try opening your fingers at the end of your swing. This will remind you to remove the tension from your hands and let you get the racquet head acceleration that you need to crush the ball.

Make sure to have a solid finish, even when you are relaxing your hands.



Ditch The Jerky Tempo For More 2 Handed Backhand Power

Ditch The Jerky Tempo For More 2 Handed Backhand Power

Another powerful tip for those searching for how to get power on the 2 handed backhand is to work on your swing tempo.

Make sure that you don’t have a jerky or disjointed backswing, because this will ruin your rhythm and therefore limit your power.

Work on having a smooth, rhythmic backswing. You can do this by doing shadow swings without the ball. Having a compact smooth backswing will exponentially increase your power, because you will have good weight transfer into the ball and your racquet head won’t lose acceleration from any hitches in your swing.

If you’re looking for how to get power on the 2 handed backhand, simply focusing on those 3 three things, and applying the strategies I’ve outlined in this article will go a long way to giving your backhand that power boost you’ve been looking for.



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