How To Finish On The Backhand Drop Shot

The tennis drop shot is a shot many players ask me about in private lessons because they either want to master this fun shot or avoid getting beat by it when their opponents fool them.

In today’s video, we are going to go over how to hold the finish which will improve the quality of your shot.

One of the big keys to is actually hold the finish as you recover.

Don’t swing and pull the racquet down right away.


Hold Your Finish On Your Forehand And Backhand 

When you focus on holding the finish a number of good things will start to happen.

You’ll learn where the racquet should finish when you hit your best drop shots.

Your swing will become smoother,  and you’ll become  more consistent.

The bottom line is that “holding” your finish will give you that confidence to hit the drop shot under pressure and it will become a shot you can rely on when you need it


Next time you try to hit the tennis drop shot, hold the finish as you recover and see how much better you hit the ball.

Check out this powerful tennis drop shot strategy.



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  1. Warren Turner

    I don’t believe there is such a thing as THE dropshot. I find the “John McEnroe” dropshot to be very effective. In baseball terms, it is like laying down a bunt. No Spin – just a dead ball dropped low and short over the net. The advantages, (for me) are 1) disguise. One of the premier tennis instructers in our area said I had the best disguise he had ever seen. (Not bragging – just a technical evaluation of the shot) 2) Simpler mechanics – employs the KISS method of dealing with a tennis stroke. Even amoung the top pros, there is a tendency to pop the ball up when creating a lot of spin on a drop shot.
    If you follow it in and position yourself correctly, the effect on the opponent – if they get to the ball – is that they must stretch to poke it down the line, or try to flip it crosscourt nearly parallel to the net. Very hard to do without giving you an easy volley. This of course applies to a ball with or without spin.


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