Get The Finish Correct

Today’s lesson is all about the Federer backhand overhead.

A lot of players including advanced players really struggle with the backhand overhead shot

One of the keys to hitting a great backhand overhead like Roger Federer is getting the finish correct.

Here’s what you want to focus on…do your best to “recoil” the racquet after you hit the Federer backhand overhead. In other words, make contact with the ball and instead of letting the racquet move forward, bring it back behind you and have the racquet tip face down toward the ground.

The butt of the racquet will face up toward the sky. Your dominant elbow will be above your head and face up to the sky.


Get The Technique Down

Patrick Rafter was another player that used this technique effectively on the backhand overhead.
It’s important to have very strong shoulder (rotator cuff) muscles so you can decelerate the racquet and bring it back toward your non dominant shoulder.

Practicing with shadow strokes as well as in a controlled ball feeding situation will help you get the Federer backhand overhead technique down.

Try out this Federer backhand overhead tip next time you are out on the court, and you get that tough high ball going over your backhand side.

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