One of the most common mistakes rec players—and even junior players commit with their forehands is they turn the palm towards the  as they’re hitting the ball.

You may not think this is big deal, but it is.

When the palm of the hand faces the net too early, the body has a tendency to open up too much.

This is a big NO NO!

So how do you fix this?

The trick is to focus on making your palm face your body as you swing. This will make your off hand and off arm become more connected to the body.

Check out this video for a detailed demonstration, so you can go try it out on the court and master your forehand technique now!

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  1. Noushin

    Many thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge!

    • Fast Eddie Bass Player w/ Groove Merceneries

      Great Tip

      • Jeff Salzenstein

        Thank you!

  2. David Whisler

    Being a Tennis fan, this blog was an amazing read. Thank you so much for telling us common mistakes and again thanks for sharing your experience with us !!

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      You are welcome David!


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