Many players and coaches think that the finish of the serve motion is highly irrelevant, and that the magic happens at contact ONLY.

Well, I think that they’re wrong.

Focusing on improving your finish when you serve is actually one of the secrets to hitting with great topspin, and not only that; it will also allow you to stay turned longer when you hit!

So, how do you do this?

Try  finishing on the same side of your body, and have your arm bent towards the end of the motion so as to help reduce the risk of injury.

And, that’s it!

Check out this video lesson for a detailed “how to” about how to finish on the same side of your body…

Only do this if you want more topspin and you have no arm pain.

Got any questions, comments, and/or suggestions? Leave a comment below, and we’ll make sure to send you a reply!

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  1. Tim Brielmaier

    Hi Jeff. I’m a Uspta pro and I think the dirty diaper tip is a great one. When I first started teaching the serve, I didn’t have a good grasp of the kinesiology involved. I was a baseball pitcher as a kid and so have a natural serve. I have been getting a lot more spin and power the last few years by accelerating up úntil contact rather than what I used to do, letting my racquet go through. Also the concept of pushing the whole racquet towards the target at contact is giving me more control added to the acceleration power on strokes as well as serve. Thanks. Tim

  2. Greg Drotzmann

    Jeff: Totally agree about the finish. Not only on the serve but all the shots in tennis. However, what makes the serve so different is that there are so many variables. Many many variables. Just one example. When you toss the ball, you want the hand to face the side fence when you fully extend the ball toss. The reason is, is because this helps you to stay sideways on the serve. But this is just one of many, many tips/techniques on the serve. I am amazed by how many videos you have in your tennis serve secrets program. Love you products.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Greg, Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it and I know you are such a committed student.

  3. Eric carlson

    Jeff…dirty diaper move….well explained.
    (Your description!)

  4. dan

    put the amount of time in the videothe bar w/ how much time has run and ability to expand the screen,like you tube.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      What do you mean, Dan?

  5. Grégoire Dodier

    The finish influences the stroke because it changes the whole swing. On the kick serve, using this tip will improve the serve, because the racket will stay in the direction of the serve for longer, which is wide.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Yes, Gregoire. You get it!

  6. Nick. A

    Hi – I`ve been been advocating this finish for a long time as it`s a great way to prevent squaring up too early which can also cause the ball to always direct to the left which happens with a lot of rec players.
    Plus the same side finish allow you to aim at the `T` if you want to go flatter with the serve, or just adjust the ball toss slightly to the left for a kicker.
    You make sense Jeff with the bent elbow as not only does it prevent injuries, but if you think about it, produces more natural momentum as all the moving upper joints contract (elbow and wrist) contribute to being more smooth and thus generate extra power through the co-ordination chain. As ever thank you for your tips.

    • Jeff Salzenstein


      You are right on the money!

  7. Sonny

    Pronation is another factor which promotes the ” finishing your serve on the same side of your body “. Pronation is for sure not involved, when the serve action ends across the body.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Sonny, You can pronate and finish on either side of your body.


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