Use The Buggy Whip On The Running Forehand

There are many tennis tips from the pros that you can actually use even if you are a rec player.

Using the the buggy whip forehand on the run, the forehand finish made famous by Rafael Nadal and others is one of those tennis tips form the pros you can implement into your game.

The interesting thing is that the buggy whip forehand has been around for years.

If you go back and look at Pete Sampras play,you can watch him hammer buggy whip forehands especially when he was on the run.

What I want you to realize is that the buggy whip forehand is a more natural to swing the racquet when you’re on the run hitting a forehand.

I see a lot of players try and swing across their bodies and dump the ball in the net or mishit it completely

What you want to do is use the buggy whip forehand.


Swing And Finish High Over The Head

To figure out how to hit a buggy whip forehand, I want you to swing and finish high over your head.

The key is to extend first and finish above your head more instead of flailing at the ball and finishing over your non dominant shoulder.

This will help you lift the ball of over the net, drive it deep into the court and get you the spin you need.

Take a page out of the book of Sampras and Nadal, and try to hit a buggy whip forehand when you are on the dead run next time.

This is one of the tennis tips from the pros that really works.



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  1. john

    what is the direction on this shot it looks like down the line can a sharp cross court be completed with the buggy whip

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hi John,
      You can go crosscourt or down the line but crosscourt is usually easier.


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