Avoid The Wrong Buggy Whip Finish

Today’s tennis tip is going to help you with the buggy whip forehand.

One of the masters keys to perfecting the buggy whip is to understand the different types of finishes that you can use.

And one thing you must AVOID if you want to have to good buggy whip forehand while limiting your chance of injury is to swing like Sharapova does and brush quickly up off of the ball.

Many players see the buggy whip and finish on the same side of their body without having the proper extension first.

If you look at a player like Nadal, you will see the incredible extension he has on his forehand before letting the racquet finish on the same side of his body.

This “extension-circular” type of swing enables you to use the  the “lasso” buggy whip finish.

It’s this type of tennis tip that can make a world of different on your forehand.

How To Swing On The “Lasso” Buggy Whip Finish

Unfortunately rec players don’t use the “lasso” finish the right way and instead, the ball lands short causing your opponent to attack you.

When you use the “lasso” buggy whip finish, you will focus on pure extension first as if you were going to finish high and over the shoulder. Just as your hand is going in front of your head, you will let the racquet continue across your body, but you will keep it moving so that it swings around and over your head…just like your are using a lasso.

Pretty cool tennis tip, right?

The arm and hand just relax naturally in a fluid manner until the racquet finishes above  the dominant shoulder.

Just picture how Nadal does it.

But remember, if you don’t have extension first the “lasso” finish won’t work.

Next time you are out on the court  hitting the buggy whip forehand, make sure you follow this tennis tip and extend first before you come up and over the head with the “lasso” finish.

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