Master The Trophy Position

In this video, you’re going to see how I break down the tennis serve of a young gifted female player.

I break down multiple elements of the tennis serve, but one aspect to pay attention to is the all important trophy position.

The trophy position of the tennis serve occurs right before a player goes into the racquet drop position followed by the swing up to the ball swings up at the ball. It’s called the “trophy position” because it’s the position on many trophies that are handed out at tennis tournaments.

Picture Roger Federer or Pete Sampras at this phase the swing. Flawless trophy positions.

At :45 you will see the starting point of this female player’s tennis serve. Overall, her start is pretty good. She’s relaxed and the tossing arm goes up while the swing arm stays down. She does not perform the dreadful “down together, up together” move that so many traditional coaches teach.


At 2:55 this player starts bringing the racquet up, with the first move, to the trophy position. This is one a aspect of the tennis serve that this player could improve. The tip of her racquet starts pointing back towards the back fence with the strings pointing towards the side. We would like to keep tip of the racquet pointing to the side fence more. Pointing the tip of the racquet towards the back fence will throw off her trophy position.

At 3:30 you’ll see the trophy position phase. It would be better for this player if the racquet angled down more and the elbow went further past the body.

Don’t Curve The Low Back

Also, notice the curve in her low back. This is common in many players who aren’t using their core and hips properly. They are squatting more than leaning in tot he court as the knees bend.

Let’s get this excessive low back curve to go ahead. Instead, push the pelvis forward and “tuck the tail” which will help get the hips under the body.

The success of the trophy position depends on how player starts the tennis serve and how the first move is initiated. One component of the tennis serve build on the next one.

If something is off in the beginning, the trophy position will be compromised.

Practice a solid, effective trophy position to improve your tennis serve.

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