Do you often find yourself hitting your slice serve into net?

If that’s the case, there’s a common reason for that which you might not be aware of.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in today’s video.

One of the biggest problems with players that hit slice serves is that ball actually dumps down into the net.

Reason being, most of the time when players switch from a flat or topspin serve, to a slice serve, they don’t get “enough of the ball” to clear net!

Here’s how you can fix that.

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  1. bill corso

    Good tip on slice serve but you did not explain the mechanics if hitting the slice serve. Is there any pronation involved, etc ????????

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hi Bill, The video lesson was not deigned to explain the mechanics. We have a lot of content in our Slice Serve Secrets program if you are interested. There is pronation on the slice serve but I never think about it or focus on it.

  2. Tom Quinn

    Thank you. Even though I have been playing for many years but have had NO lessons. Until very recently my focus has been on forehand and top spin. Now I am going to try and develop a serve. I am 72 yrs old. I appreciated your lesson as part of learning how to hit the serve.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hi Tom, I love the growth mindset and the willingness to improve regardless of your age. Thank you for your passion.


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