The Backhand Drop Shot Strategy

The tennis drop shot is a shot I get many questions about. Today’s tennis drop shot lesson will go over a specific strategy about when to use this shot to frustrate your opponent.

There is an effective strategy you can use when you want to incorporate your backhand drop shot into a point.

You can use this shot after your drive a backhand with topspin crosscourt. If you sense that your opponent is off balance, you can follow this backhand drive with a down the line backhand drop shot.

I used this strategy often as a pro especially on slower hard courts, clay courts, and or even grass. I love using this drop shot pattern because it surprises your opponent as it changes the rhythm and feel of the point.

Hitting the Drop Shot

Another key to making this strategy and shot work for you is to hit the drop shot from the middle of the court so that you can get the inside the ball. This will create side spin when the ball bounces which will force your opponent to have to run further off the court to reach this shot.

Next time you are on the court try ripping some backhands crosscourt and then getting inside the ball when you hit a tennis backhand drop shot down the line.



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