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Slice Serve Secret: Only For Serious Players

Here is your slice serve video where I show you one of my secrets that can give you an edge over the competition.It does not matter if you are a righty or a lefty, this tennis serve technique can and WILL work for you. It is actually VERY easy to use.So please give it try and let me know how it works.

Slice Serve Secret: Cool Tip

I have to say it’s been a blast helping so many committed tennis players, and I can feel our community growing together.

Leave a comment down below and share this COOL tip with your tennis friends (but not the one you want to beat.)

See ya at the next video!

Jeff Salzenstein


Hey everyone, it’s Jeff Salzenstein here.  When I was playing on the Tour, I was known as having one of the bigger lefty serves on the Tour.  I hit 136 miles an hour at age 32 at Indian Wells and I can tell you that I didn’t serve this way, even my first year in college.  I developed my served.

And today, I want to talk to you about how you can develop a wicked wide slice serve.  So I’ve got the advantage as a lefty, but there are several keys to that wicked wide slice serve to develop if you’re a righty in the deuce court, if you’re a lefty in the ad court.  One of the keys that I like to use with players is at the end of the swing, at your finish, you basically want to bring your racquet around and curl it a little bit like this.  And when you do that, you’re going to bring your shoulder around and that’s going to help you create that wide wicked slice when you’re serving.

I’m going to demonstrate how when you swing on your serve, you can bring your arm and your racquet around so the tip of the racquet is pointed to the side and you’re going to be bringing your shoulder around to create that wicked wide slice serve.


As you can see, I really exaggerate the finish there, curling around the ball, focusing on my finish at the end of the swing to create that wicked wide slice serve.

Go ahead and try it and I know you’re going to like it.  Talk soon.


Jeff Salzenstein



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  1. rich

    Hi JEFF,

    ON YOUR SLICE SERVR, do you pronate the racquet and slice from 3 oclock, out to the left or do i curl around the ball 3oclock to 9 oclock to the right..as if i was throwing a curve ball…


    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hi Rich, Thanks for the question. Not exactly sure what you are asking especially since I have not seen your serve. But i am leaning towarnds carving around the outside of the ball.

      All the best, Jeff

  2. Javid

    Hi Jeff,
    On your slice serve, what you show by coming around the ball, is supinate the forearm which is the opposite of pronation which we all hear about. Doesn’t that put a lot a strain on elbow and forearm.

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      Hi Javid,

      The slice motion I showed should feel good! Good luck with it.


  3. Ahmed

    Hi Jeff,

    What is the benefit of not using pronation in your slice serve tip. Because as we all know that most pro ATP players are pronating in all their serves.


  4. ken brophy

    Jeff, I have no idea how you expect folks to have a better slice based on an action that has zero…no effect on the ball.
    Please inform me.
    I’ll buy the dirty diaper as that does somewhat affect the hand, wrist manipulation of the ball on contact…but this has all the earmarks of voodoo 🙂
    Love your stuff, this one gets a big thumbs down. Folks will supinate on contact for sure…ouch bro!


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