Practice The Trophy Position

When you’re trying to improve your serve, it’s important to find a serve tip that can work for you. Sometimes you have to attempt different strategies to get big time results.

Today, I’m going to share a  serve strategy that will focus on how to develop the all important trophy position.

There are so many rec players that want to improve their serves, but they don’t realize that their trophy position is not correct.

In this video today, you’ll see a trophy position serve tip that doesn’t require you having to hit any balls.

Create Hold Your Trophy Position For Time

In fact the focus of this serve tip is to get your body feeling good at the trophy position phase of the swing. The reality is that getting into the correct trophy position is a powerful serve tip that can transform your serve.

Making sure your racquet face is closed and your elbow is in the right spot is crucial.

Holding the trophy position for time will help your body learn the correct position to be in before you swing up to the ball. This feeling of getting into a biomechanically efficient trophy position is easier to find when you don’t have to think about hitting the ball.

Take this serve tip seriously and stop hitting serve after serve with bad technique and start holding the correct serve trophy position as one of your drills so that you can take your serve to the next level.

Click here to discover another powerful serve tip lesson.

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  1. MattConrad

    Awesome tip ! Thank u !

  2. Anil Kumar

    Great tip

  3. Martijn van Beek

    Hi Jeff,

    Funny, last time I was on court I remembered the trophy position and how I did not do this. So I kept remembering it during the training and my serve improved in an instant. I have to work hard to make it consistent but I now know how to. Your tip is great and I must say on rec level at our club I don’t see too many lower ranking (like myself) players using this position.


    • Jeff Salzenstein

      HI Martijn, This is a great drill to be aware of to practice. I appreciate your willingness to try it.

  4. Bob Gaebler

    This is a valuable suggestion. Anybody want to hit rockets? Your racket must be ready. This solves any tendency, for the server, to hang-fire the racket, after the toss.

  5. Deva

    I’m rebuilding my serve and hope I can learn from these videos. I’m wondering is there a serve progression since each piece builds on the ones before it or do you work on each phase then work on putting it all together? Thanks, Dave

    • Jeff Salzenstein

      There is definitely a progression. You can check out my serve programs for help.


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